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Developing an effective website or business application requires careful thought and planning. GT has many years of experience in information& database architecture.

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Application Hosting
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Web Application

Gigavirt is a web development company with over a decade of experience in building web applications. Our dedicated web app developers have successfully completed over 400 projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more.

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Desktop Application
State enterprise's REGITRA website was built to help drivers and vehicle owners to find actual information about examination, driving licences, vehicle registration and more.
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The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra website developed. People which like quality music there can find a lot of useful information.
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Corporate website for the group of energy companies EPSO-G was built. There is information about strategic projects, public procurement, financial information and more.
SODRA.lt responsive design and friendly user experience website
We have designed genuine and modern, user friendly website reflecting main target audiences needs.
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Official website and electronic services system
We developed exclusive and user-friendly website and electronic services for Competition council of the Republic of Lithuania. Using official user authorisation and e-signature customers can apply for institutional services, provide request and reports, get the answers and monitor the process of service delivery.
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FIMA šiuolaikinis tinklalapis kurtas HTML5 technologija
Intelektualių sprendimų lyderiui Pabaltijo šalyse sukurta svetainė atitinka naujausias technologines tendencijas: HTML5 technologija, “Paralax scrolling” navigacija, pritaikyta planšetiniams įrenginiams.
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15 years of EXPERIENCE



Who we are

Gigavirt Technologies is an IT & ITES service provider.

We develop Cloud integrated power packed customized Web, Mobile & windows applications for businesses across all the industries. We offer IT enabled services to Global corporates at much effective,flexible & customized solutions. We serve our customers very effectively being a one stop solution in preview of Software Development, Cloud Computing & Virtual machines, Storage & Hosting Solutions and Software support.

our vision

We respect the fact that “people don’t buy what we sell, they buy what we believe.”Our vision is to envision the future needs of the market and Develop Simplified software solutions to meet all complex problemsmore effectively with the latest technologies & be a one stop solution to all our beloved clients.

We are different

  • Leading-edge approach
  • Reliable IT development partner
  • Promote innovative brand experience
  • Full digital service
  • Valuable business insights

Clear Difference in Quality

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

Combining technology, design & media we build advanced connections between brands and their audiences. We create compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, starting from web and mobile applications to complex business enterprise software.

what we are the best at


NEED to know how technology can bring you value?

Never stop looking for better solution. CONSULT US.

We design, develop and manage web based enterprise solutions and mobile applications.

We can make your business perform better, compete better, and generate more money.

Quality , Usability, Security.

Are all at the heart of our unique smart tools
Our digital solutions support your business with innovative technology and user centered design.

Digital solutions that deliver.
Effective results. Measurable value. Progress through innovation.

Our key strength lies in the people we employ: sharp, experienced and passionate developers and thinkers. Most of our team members have 6 + years of experience, higher university education and are all certified professionals.


Areas of our expertise

  • research & consulting
  • analysis & planning
  • branding & image
  • visual design
  • copywriting
  • multimedia
  • UI development
  • programming
  • IS hosting

Student internships & work experience

Young talents and open minded students are always welcomed.

We ensure
  • responsible mentoring
  • full time team support
  • opportunities reflecting experience
We expect
  • new ideas
  • responsibility and delivered results
  • methodology based input
  • long term value

Over 200 of the largest Baltic companies and public institutions are Gigavirt Technologies clients.
Our long term close relationships with our clients gives us compettive experience in these sectors:

  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Food & drinks
  • Medicine & pharmacy
  • Trade & e-commerce
  • Finance & credits
  • Manufacturing & branding
  • Tourism & leisure


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