Are you planning to start a business? Then there is something that everyone must prepare for. If you are like an average human being bet there are two things that you hate doing, your accounts and your taxes. Every entrepreneur has to prepare a proper way to tackle financial needs of a firm. Though we know theold-fashioned way of handling revenues, expenditures, payrolls, accounts payable, and all other such accounting subjects with pen and paper or with the use of one of the innumerable simple accounting software programs, it’sgood to rely on professionalswho use advanced tools for obtaining better outcome

Accounting software provided by Gigavirt Technologies is one of the biggest accounting software solutions that people choose today.As it has helped diverse businesses across the globe to manage their revenues, expenses and other matters in a very effective and efficient way.Though our accounting software solutions are prepared keeping business professionals in mind, there are an umpteen number of individuals and families who use our services to balance their personal finances.

To ease your search, we have categorized the market into segments as follows:

Entry Level Accounting Softwarefor a small business of•1-5 active users.

Small to Medium Business (SMB) Accounting Software for businesses with 5-25 active users.

Enterprise Accounting Software for large organizations of 100 users or more.

Business Analytics - Business Intelligence & Reporting Software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software to monitor employee activity, track customer interactionand generate profits.

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Respond to any request quickly.

Add value to our clients and their businesses, which we interact with.

Aid you in your search for the right solution.

Strive hard to let our clients achieve their full potential and perform efficiently, using our accounting software.

Make a difference and add value to your business.

Professional approach.

Proactive in our approach and assure standard quality in our services.

Ensure not to overlook your human resource responsibilities.

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  • We develop Cloud integrated power packed customized Web, Mobile & windows applications for businesses across all the industries. We offer IT enabled services to Global corporates at much effective,flexible & customized solutions

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