In today’s fast-paced technological world human resource management has become as an integral part of every firm and no organization can run effectively without it. It’s a known fact that it is the responsibility of HR to interview, hire and then coordinate with the respective workforce for profits. Though workforce is the greatest asset to any firm, job of human resource management is often not considered as a greatest priority. This may be due to the lack of proper knowledge in the respective field or shortage of resources. There comes the role of outsourcing service providers like us who provide efficient and cost-effective HRMS solutions in such circumstances.

Backed by a team of qualified professionals, Gigavirt Technologies offers a full suite of Human resource management services for businesses of all sizes. We serve as a great alternative for an umpteennumber of small or medium-sized businesses that do not have sufficient resources to invest in creating a complete team or cost of adding human resources.

Our core functionalities include attendance and absence management alongside additional functions like recruitment and payroll (employee strengths, goals and development needs). The best part of our HR solutions is one can choose the services according to his or her requirements like human resources management, compliance resources or consulting, handbooks & guidelinesrelated to your HRdepartment.

Why Us ?

Rendered by skilled professionals.

Drive excellence and high performance with our well designed HRMS.

Quality resources used.

Have a cloud-based HR system that is being designed for small to medium-sized          practices.

Our HRMS is built on the Salesforce platform.

Professional approach.

Proactive in our approach and assure standard quality in our services.

Ensure not to overlook your human resource responsibilities.

Gigavirt Technologies Quality HRMS can help firms avoid risks relating to employment and avoid all hindrances that trouble the company's growth. Outsourcing HRMS to Gigavirt Technologies lets organizations to enjoy great benefits from experts in field of hiring, consulting, training, audits, employee benefits, compensation and employee relations etc. So, for tailored HRMS solutions feel free to drop mail @ or dial to us @ .

  • We develop Cloud integrated power packed customized Web, Mobile & windows applications for businesses across all the industries. We offer IT enabled services to Global corporates at much effective,flexible & customized solutions

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